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Review: Clair Peau Coffee Face Wash

Review: Clair Peau Coffee Face Wash

 PEAU CARE is an up and coming cruelty free Indian brand that is recommended by dermatologists. 









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Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to talk about a face wash I’ve been using in my morning routine! It is the Clair peau face wash made with coffee beans and is recommended for normal to oily skin.

My skin type is combination and currently , during the cold weather, my skin is towards the dry side. However this face wash still suited my skin and didn’t increase the dryness.


Starting my mornings with a cuppa coffee and the coffee face wash 😍

Sharing my detailed experience below:

ABOUT THE PRODUCT- It is a coffee based face wash with coffee beans that claims to deeply cleanse the skin, even out the skin tone with consistent use and reduce puffiness!

TEXTURE AND CONSISTENCY- It is a gel based face wash that foams up quite nicely and it has tiny granules that I believe are tiny grounded coffee beans and the first thing you notice about this face wash is the fresh coffee fragrance that is not too strong and disappears as soon as it foams up on the skin.


The grounded granules are not too harsh but I advice to not put a lot of pressure in rubbing the skin while cleansing because it can irritate active acne, if you have any.


Texture shot of the gel face wash with tiny coffee granules

MY EXPERIENCE- I loved using this particular face wash in the morning. It immediately wakes up my skin and it looks clean and refreshed as I wash it off. Also the face wash makes my skin super smooth and soft (although I shouldn’t touch my face that often but I can’t help it because it makes it super soft to touch)

It is recommended specially for normal to oily skin and I feel during summers it can be used by all skin types

After using this every morning for 3 weeks, I can safely say it did not dry out my skin and worked well in cleansing my face and it does reduce puffiness in case you haven’t slept well and it’s evident the next morning.

Overall I liked this face wash a lot and I recommend it to all skin types for the upcoming summer season specially because it is refreshing to use, particularly in the AM routine.

However if you have a weak skin barrier and highly sensitive skin, you can skip this one since it does have the tiny granules that might not suit a highly sensitive skin barrier

The tube is huge (100ml) and will easily last for at least 2 months! It retails for ₹590 and is available on their official website and Flipkart.

Summing up-


1) Cleanses well

2) Makes the skin very smooth and soft to touch

3) The mild coffee fragrance is great

4) Reduces puffiness

5) Suits all skin types but can be drying for very dry skin


1) The tiny granules might not suit sensitive skin barrier

PEAU CARE is an up and coming cruelty free Indian brand that is recommended by dermatologists. I have tried 2 products from their entire range. This face wash and their L’eau Shield Sunscreen which is absolutely amazing (read the Instagram review here)

You can also check out the gorgeous texture video I took of this face wash and posted on Instagram, here!

Thank you for reading,

Have a nice day


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