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What is Peau Care ?


‘Peau’ is a French word meaning ‘skin’ & Peau Care simply means ‘skin care’.


A simple approach is what we follow at Peau Care. Our products are aesthetically inspired  from French skin care. We strive to provide formulations which are FDA approved, free from harsh chemicals & most of all, ‘effective’ giving our Indian consumers ‘pleasure of elegance’.


Our Vision ?


We aim to provide effective skin care products which are trusted by dermatologists. In the long run, we want to increase awareness among consumers in helping them choose skin care products that are recommended only by experts.

After all, an expert advice is always better than random usage of products on our precious skin.


Our products ?


Initially, we started with two sunscreens.

Our portfolio since last year has grown from two products to six effective products.

We don’t rush in launching products. We identify skin problems very closely & only launch products where there is a need.



Our Team ?


We started with a big vision but a small group of enthusiastic people. Our journey would be incomplete without the sincere efforts of all associated skin care experts who have helped us in identifying real world skin problems. Our esteemed product manufacturers, logistic partners & channel partners have played a big role in making you hear our voice.



Derma Connect ?


Ever thought of taking advice from a registered dermatologist/cosmetologist when buying a skin care product ?


We know it involves some cost & time. But what if you get it for FREE ?


We, at Peau care proudly present ‘Derma Connect’, an initiative launched to help consumers take free expert advice on their skin problems enabling them to take better decisions on choosing skin products.